dsc01132I just got settled into my hotel room after getting back from the Midnight showing of the Twilight movie. I absolutely loved it.  I felt it captured the important scenes.  I will definitely go see it again; probably this weekend.






Here are two pictures from one of my favorite scenes.



This is the video I put together for the students at my school.  My trip was a lot of fun.  I went to Seattle for the International Reading Association Conference.  While I was there I decided that I might as well drive the 3 1/2 hours to Forks.  I mean, when else was I going to be in the area?

Now that I’m back I’ll be working on my book reviews.  Be looking for:

How To Ditch You Fairy by Justine L.
Fade by Lisa McMann
Test by William Sleator

Hopefully, I’ll have them up this week.

Well, I received my Twilight movie poster in the mail today.  I’m flattening it out now and I’ll laminate it before school starts so I can put it up in the library.  The kids will go crazy!  I can’t wait for them to see it along with our new copies of Breaking Dawn they’ll be able to check out!  It is so much fun being a librarian.

Have you seen this guys?  How cute.  Check out http://www.muttscomics.com to learn more about this cute comic strip.