HarperCollins – April 28, 2009

Reading book 1 in this trilogy, THE SUMMONING, is recommended before reading THE AWAKENING.

Chloe Saunders can see ghosts.  She can also raise the dead – mostly without meaning to.  After being sent to Lyle House because her dad thought she was unstable (see THE SUMMONING), she found out that it was just a front for the Edison Group – a corporation that studies paranormal activity.  Chloe, Derek, Simon, and Rae escape in hopes of finding Derek and Simon’s dad and putting a stop to the Edison Group’s evil plans.  Freedom doesn’t last long though.  Chloe is captured and forced to reveal the location of Simon and Derek when THE AWAKENING begins.

After regaining her freedom and being reunited with her friends, Chloe begins to learn more about her powers while staying one step ahead of the Edison Group.  Simon, Derek, and Chloe learn some very disturbing information about their genetic makeup and struggle to come up with a plan to bring down the people responsible.  In addition to the struggles she is already dealing with, Chloe is faced with a massive betrayal. 

With the help of an unexpected ally, Chloe and her friends move one step closer to taking down the Edison group.  She realizes there is no way she will ever be able to return to her old life and that she is going to have to find a way to make this new one work.  Chloe’s relationship with Derek becomes stronger, but it is still unclear what is going on with her and Simon.  It will be interesting to see if there is a romantic element in the future and how the brothers will handle it if there is.

THE RECKONING is the third and final book in the Darkest Powers  Trilogy.  Readers will be clamoring for it to find out how everything turns out for Chloe and her friends.

Visit “Chloe’s” blog for a free novella about Simon and Derek and events leading up to their arrival at Lyle House.  It is being written in serial form.  Kelley Armstrong is posting a section on the 1st and 15th of every month.  When it is complete it will be transferred to the locker section of “Chloe’s” website

The Summoning
(Darkest Powers, Book 1)

The Awakening
(Darkest Powers, Book 2)












You should read WAKE before you pick up FADE.  You’ll understand the story much better.

My review may be a little vague, but I don’t want to give away any SPOILERS for WAKE.

Janie still has a difficult life.  Her mother still drinks and hides in her bedroom to the extent that she doesn’t have any interest in what Janie does.  Janie is the adult in house – making sure there are groceries in the house and taking care of the other day to day household chores.

The one bright spot in her life is Cabel.  She depends on him to support her through the terrible side effects of the dreams – other peoples’ dreams that she is sucked into.  On the bright side, Janie is learning how to control her dream experiences with unexpected help from Mrs. Stubin.

Janie has had Winter Break to relax, but now that school is starting again she’ll have to get involved more deeply than she ever has before.  Her relationship with Cabel becomes strained, she finds herself in dangerous situations, and her body begins to suffer the effects of her dream catching.  FADE is a suspenseful ride.  Lisa McMann keeps you guessing from beginning to end and learning more about the process of dream catching adds a lot to the story.

The third book in the series is titled GONE and it is sure to be a winner based on WAKE and FADE.  GONE will be released February of 2009.


Janie gets sucked into other people’s dreams.  She tries to stop it, but can’t resist the overwhelming pull.  She first noticed it happening when she was eight-years-old.  Janie has witnessed everything from the typical falling dream and standing naked in front of a crowd dream to World War II battle dreams.  Most of the time she is just an observer.  Even if the dreamers ask for her help, she can’t manage to do anything.

Janie’s life has been hindered by this “curse.”  She found out early that sleepovers weren’t good for her.  The close proximity of the other girls caused her to experience their dreams and not get any rest for herself.  It doesn’t have to be nighttime for this to happen though.  Anytime someone around her is asleep – she gets sucked in – at school, on the bus, driving down the road, etc.  When she is in someone else’s dream it looks as if she is having a seizure.  All she knows is that she loses feeling in her limbs and becomes paralized.  The more frightening the dream, the faster the numbness occurs.

Janie has an alcoholic mother, an unknown father, and is extremely poor.  She lives on the “wrong” side of town and has one loyal friend.  She lives in isolation in order to avoid being stuck in someone’s dream. 

A new addition to her life is Cabel.  He lives in her neighborhood and seems to be a loner.  She has several interactions with him throughout the book, but their lives become intertwined when she has to let him know about her problem while they are on a school trip together and she is stuck on a bus for several hours with her napping classmates being sucked into one dream after another the whole way.  Cabel must help her through.  This is a comfort to Janie as well as a new stress.  She grows to like Cabel very much, but when she begins to get sucked into his gruesome dream and hears some particularly damning rumors about him, she questions her feelings for him.

With the help of an unlikely person she meets at the nursing home (and some books from the library), Janie begins to gain a little control over her “curse.”  The reader will be sucked into the dreams with Janie.  Your heart will go out to her and cheer as she makes her way through life given the obstacles she must overcome.  WAKE is a very inventive story and I can’t wait for the sequel.

 Wuthering High

Miranda Tate is heading back to Bard Academy after at a brutal summer working for her step-mother at her boutique, In The Pink, which sells everything imaginable that is pink.  Miranda refers to it as In The Puke and spends most of her time there sitting at the cash register completing her required summer reading of Moby Dick.  Miranda is excited about returning to school until she finds out that her sister, Lindsay, is going to be joining her there after running their father’s new Land Rover through the front of In The Pink.

Once on campus, Miranda reunites with her friends Blade, Samir, Hana, and of course Heathcliff.  She is disgusted to see that Lindsay, who is desperate for the approval of anyone popular, has fallen into the clutches of Parker, Bard’s Queen Bee.  Miranda also meets her new dorm monitor, Mrs. P, who happens to be Sylvia Plath and gets off on the wrong foot right away.

Miranda also has to deal with her feelings for Ryan – the boy that broke up with her at the end of the previous school year.  She can’t decide if she still has feelings for him or not, but feels jealous when he continually gives Parker attention and begins to hang around Lindsay.  Mirandra knows she loves Heathcliff but has to keep in mind the rule the school places on them.  They aren’t supposed to have any romantic or physical contact or Bard will send him back to Wuthering Heights.

When Lindsay disappears, like a couple of the other Bard students, Miranda, Samir, Hana, Blade, Heathcliff, Ryan, and Parker all end up entering the forbidden forest to find her.  What they find are pirates roaming the island, one of the faculty members behind all the trouble, and Lindsay causing part of the problems. 

Can Miranda and her crew save the world again and put everything back into balance?  Who does Miranda choose, Ryan or Heathcliff?  To see how Moby Dick plays a part in this Bard Academy novel read MOBY CLIQUE by Cara Lockwood.  While it can be read as a stand alone novel since the author gives background information to catch up the reader, it will be more enjoyable if the other two novels in the series are read first. 


Welcome back to the world first created by Melissa Marr for Wicked Lovely.  A world where faeries exist and roam among humans without their knowledge.  In this companion novel to Wicked Lovely, we get to know Leslie, one of Ash’s best friends.  Since Ash and Keenan defeated the Winter Queen and gained power, peace has reigned between the Summer and Winter Courts.  Ash doesn’t go anywhere without guards and her closest friends are guarded too.

          Leslie has had a rough home life ever since her mother left.  Her dad is usually drunk and rarely comes home.  Her brother is high all the time on a variety of drugs and brings dangerous people around the house.  Leslie learned that the hard way and has the scars to prove it.  Leslie enjoyed the time she isn’t at home whether that means she is at work or at school.
          Niall is Keenan’s, the Summer King’s, right hand.  He often guards Leslie and feels his desire for her growing each time he sees her.  He doesn’t realize she feels the same way about him.  If he knew, it would only make it harder on him to not be able to have contact with her.  Niall can’t physically touch humans.  His touch is as addictive as a drug.  It leaves humans begging for his constant embrace until they eventually go mad.
          Keeping his distance from Leslie becomes impossible when Irial sets his sites on her.  Irial is the King of the Dark Court and feeds himself and those connected to him by taking the emotions of fear, lust, anger, greed, and jealousy from other fey as well as humans.  Since the peace between the Summer and Winter Courts there hasn’t been enough of the dark emotions to sustain the entire Dark Court. 
          Irial has developed a way to feed through a human.  His blood and the tears from the Dark Court Faeries are mixed with ink used to tattoo the person he’ll use to feed.  Leslie has decided getting a tattoo is a way she can reclaim some control over her life and decides on the symbol that will link her to Irial and eventually lead to her death.  Niall must break his rule about human contact in order to keep Leslie safe and ends up falling in love with her.
The battle between the Dark Court and the Summer Court revolves around Leslie.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t know what is going on since Ash doesn’t want her to know about the Faery world.  Ash thinks if Leslie doesn’t know, she’ll be safe.  Instead, Leslie gets the tattoo and feels the immediate draw to Irial where she is used to feed the Dark Court.
          Niall is willing to do everything he can to ensure Leslie’s safety once she is under Irial’s control even if means breaking his ties to the Summer Court.  Can Niall get Leslie’s life back?  Can he win her love?  Will she be any better with him than with Irial?  Read INK EXCHANGE to find out.  You won’t be disappointed.  INK EXCHANGE is just as captivating as Wicked Lovely.  I can’t wait for the third book.

GENERATION DEAD by Daniel Waters

Generation Dead is Daniel Water’s first novel and he did a bang up job!  He captured the voices of teenagers who are navigating their way through the trials and tribulations of high school.  The only difference between a regular high school and the high school in this book is that for some reason, and no one knows why – not even the scientists, SOME teenagers that die aren’t staying dead.  They are referred to as “living impaired” or “differently biotic.” 

Phoebe, a goth to the bone girl, is the main character of this interesting story.  Adam is her best friend, football star, next door neighbor.  Margi is her best friend.  Together they experience life with the “differently biotic” – each are affected a different way. 

Phoebe becomes fascinated and starts to fall for Tommy, the leader of the “differently biotic” kids.  Since all of the zombies, as they like to call themselves, don’t come back the same – meaning some move and communicate better than others – Tommy makes sure some of the lower functioning ones aren’t left alone walking through the halls or in the cafeteria.  Phoebe’s feelings for Tommy cause a lot of talk.  People can’t believe she would want to have anything to do with a dead person.

Adam has to deal with Tommy in his own way.  Tommy decides he wants to join the football team.  The coach doesn’t want him to, of course, but the principal tells him he has no choice.  Adam is the only player that gives Tommy a chance and sees what a great player he really is.  The problem is, Adam starts to realize he has feelings that go beyond friendship for Phoebe and a love triangle is formed.

Margi can’t understand why Phoebe is warming up to the zombies.  One of their best friends is one and Margi can’t seem to get past that Colette was once alive and hung out with them all the time.  She struggles to see what Phoebe likes about the zombies.

This fresh look at teen fiction contains it all.  Light romance, paranormal oddities, danger, and suspense.  Be sure to check this out as soon as it hits the shelf.