calvin-waiting-on-wednesday1Since reading FLIRTIN’ WITH THE MONSTER this week, I have been thinking about Ellen Hopkins’ work a lot.  This, naturally lead me to choose this week’s Waiting on Wednesday post.  This week I’m

Waiting and

Waiting and

Waiting for…


by Ellen Hopkins


Here is an example of a poem from the book.  You can find more by searching Ellen’s blog on Myspace.

I Go With the Flow

Don’t make waves, don’t
buck the current. I clean my
room, play nice with my little
brother. Maintain a solid 3.0
GPA. Might even go on to
college. Meanwhile, I work

part time at GameStop to pay
for gas and insurance. My hair
is trimmed, my clothes are neat,
and I never wear all black,
except to funerals. You probably
wouldn’t notice me walking

down the street, unless you
happen to be attracted to
“average.” It’s not such a bad
thing to be. When you fly
well below the radar, you get
away with a hell of a lot.

This poem is from Cory’s point of view.  He is one of the five main characters in the novel.

I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these books.