say it again saturdayThis week a friend of mine loaned me Rosemary Clement-Moore’s “Hell” books. The order is:




I immediately fell in love with Maggie’s sarcastic and cynical outlook on life.  Here are a few passages that made me laugh out loud.


“Have you voted for class song yet?” A student council drone shoved a half-sheet of paper in my face.  Astrobright Orange is painful at any time of day, but at seven-thirty a.m. it was vomit inducing.  Also, the only thing perky I want in front of me at that hour is a coffeemaker.  Since the drive-thru lane at Take-Your-Bucks had stretched to Canada, I was still severely caffeine deprived. (p. 21)

It wasn’t that I couldn’t swim.  I could keep my head above water and move from place to place with all the grave of a Labrador retriever.  I’d made it through the past five weeks stubbornly moving down my lane in a sort of combination dog paddle/breaststroke so I could keep my eyes on the bottom of the pool, and anything that might be sneaking up on me from below. (p. 38)

Murphy’s Law for Ghostbusting must go like this: If you risk parental wrath by breaking your grounding and several speed limits to get to somewhere you are certain will be a hotbed of supernatural activity, then suffer through two hours of songs about ducks, not to mention a choreographed hoedown, assuredly nothing will happen. (p. 126)

Be sure to pick up these books the next time you are at the library or bookstore.  They are so much fun to read.

Did anyone else find any great passages this week?