say it again saturday“Say It Again” Saturday was created because…Sometimes when I’m reading a book there are lines that just jump out at me.  They make me was to laugh, cry, or just sit and think for a minute.  Sometimes the lines are just beautifully written.  They are the kind of lines that you want to stop reading, find someone close by, and read the line or passage aloud to them so they can share it with you.  

Sorry for my absence last week, but I was sick sick sick.  Anyway, I’m back and trying to catch up.

This week my “Say It Again” Saturday passages come from:


by Beth Fantaskey

Jessica's Guide

The first time I saw him, a heavy, gray fog clung to the cornfields, tails of mist slithering between the dying stalks.  It was a dreary early morning right after Labor Day, and I was waiting for the school bus, just minding my own business, standing at the end of the dirt lane that connected my family’s farmhouse to the main road into town. (p. 1)

Lucius had officially fallen off his already cracked rocker.  Not only did he think he was a vampire, but now he believed I was some sort of thirty-year-old cocktail-party attendee.  I laughed out loud.  “You really are crazy.  That’s designed – and priced – for women who do things like go to, I don’t know, symphonies or something.” (p. 93)

        Lucius slunk out behind my mother.  There was an uncomfortable lull in the conversation at the table, during which we all pretended like we didn’t hear the phrases “take part in polite conversation,” “feeble-minded nincompoop,” and “remove yourself,” coming from the kitchen in stage-whispered tones.
        A few minutes later, the kitchen door slammed shut.  Mom came back alone.  “Who wants more flatbread?” she asked, smiling grimly, not offering an explanation for the loss of one very irritable Romanian teenager. (p. 103)

I just love this book.  It seems to be a good stand-alone novel.  Of course, a sequel would be fine, but with so many series in the works right now,  it is nice change of pace to read a book that is complete when you get to the last page.   

What phrases do you have for us this week?