Walker Books – August 2009

Katrina lives with her grandmother above their coffee shop in the sleepy town of Nordby.  Anna’s Old World Scandinavian Coffeehouse has been a standby in Nordby for years, but when sleak and shiny new Java Heaven moves in right next door, business starts to suffer.

Katrina enjoys her morning routine of getting the coffee brewing for her grandma before she heads to school.  One morning on her way to throw out some trash, Katrina sees a young man sleeping in the alley.  Startled at first, Katrina hurrys back inside.  It is only when she is gathering the day-old pastries that she thinks this “homeless” man could maybe use something to eat and puts them out on the back step along with a hot cup of coffee.

Little does she know that she has performed a selfless act of kindness for an angel.  Malcolm is in Nordby delivering a message and just needed to take a break, but because of Katrina’s good deed, he now has the added pressure of granting her deepest desire before he can move on.  The problem is, Katrina doesn’t have any idea what her deepest desire is. 

COFFEEHOUSE ANGEL is a light-hearted tale of love and friendship.  Suzanne Selfors uses wonderful language to describe the small town and its quirky inhabitants.  The reader easily feels like one of the family and will want to organize a campaign to close the evil Java Heaven.

Coffeehouse Angel