say it again saturdayWell, it has been another week of good reading.  I’m on my third book of the week, but I’m afraid I’m going to have a dry spell coming up.  I have to start working on my General Exam questions next week and I’ll be typing like a mad woman until April 6th when they are due.  I’m sure I’ll slip some reading in, but I won’t be able to devote long periods of time to my books for a couple of weeks. 

Anyway, on to my current “Say It Again” Saturday selection.  I finished SWOON this week (review coming soon) and one thing that definitely makes this book stand out among others is the language.  Nina Malkin has such a wonderful vocabulary and a lovely way of putting together words to make amazingly creative sentences.  Here are some examples of her talent.


The word – witch, not lady – made me wince.  Pesky psychic afflication aside, I never dabbled in any craft more formidable than crochet. (p. 60)

Dramatic maquillage couldn’t possibly jibe with the dress code for a hayride, but what did I know? (p. 216)

With the complete and unabridged depiction of my cousin’s deflowering in the forefront of my consciousness, I was to stand before parents, peers, et al, and sing Mozart.  Lucky for them if I didn’t projectile vomit. (p. 165)

Leave town on any given Wednesday, and you can miss a lot.  So bespoke the messages on the old-school answering machine at 12 Daisy Lane. (p.209)

Did anyone else come across any great lines during the week?  If so, share them with us using Mr. Linky below.