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Teen Libris – March 2009
(Borders Exclusive)

Will Hunter is no stranger to moving.  He has been to five schools in three years.  You might think his parents are the ones uprooting him all the time, but you’d be wrong.

Will is a demon hunter like his father and grandfather before him.  He has developed a way of making enough money to support his development of new weapons while at the same time providing a cover for his mother being “transferred” wherever he needs to go next.

Will spends his time monitoring demon activity, constantly looking for the tell-tale signs of evil.  His latest stop is Harrisburg, WA.  This once quiet town has recently suffered from disappearances, instances of severe bullying, and outright deviant behavior.

The only trustworthy person Will meets is Natalie.  Natalie’s sister is one of the teens to recently disappear.  She has always had a feeling something sinister was involved and once she sees the things Will deals with on a daily basis, her suspicions are confirmed.

In spite of his better judgement, Will decides to let Natalie into his world.  Never before has he trusted someone with his secret.  Doing so would put an innocent person in danger and as his feelings for Natalie grow, he realizes just how dangerous it can be.

Will and Natalie face the ultimate evil on their journey to find the people they’ve lost.  Will is confronted with knowledge that threatens his sense of self and is forced to make some big decisions.

Can Will face his demons and rid Harrisburg of its evil?

Personal Note:  I had a hard time debating between a 3 glasses rating and a 4 glasses rating.  On the one hand, I don’t think the writing was spectacular, but on the other hand, I wanted to keep reading.  I really enjoyed the story.  So, I went with the higher rating.