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Dutton Children’s Books – June 25, 2009

Vladimir Tod has been learning a lot about his vampire abilities.  Otis has spent the summer training him on extending his telepathic communication.  He is also getting better at sensing when other vampires are near.  Both Vlad and his Aunt Nelly have gotten used to Otis being around and hate to see him go, but since Otis is still a fugitive in the vampire community, he knows in order to keep them safe, he must leave.

Vlad’s life seems to be going great.  He has the girl of his dreams by his side and everything just seems brighter when she is around.  Meredith is head-over-heels for him no matter what her friends say.

A few things are getting in the way of his happy-go-lucky attitude though.  To start with there is the pesky Eddie and his brand spankin’ new camera, the terrible mood causing Henry, his best friend and drudge, to pull away from him, and his growing need for blood.  Also causing him problems are the terrible nightmares that have been interrupting his sleep.  Dreams of viscious attacks filled with blood and pain keep waking him in the middle of the night.  It really worries Vlad when he can’t contact Otis for help and advise.  So, for the most part, Vlad is on his own.

Heather Brewer has written a wonderful addition to The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod series.  Vlad becomes more and more likeable as his kindness and soft heart keep showing through.  The thing that sets this book apart from the others in the series is the tone.  TENTH GRADE BLEEDS takes on a more mature tone as Vlad deals with his relationship issues with Meredith and Henry and even more so when adapting to his increased blood lust.

The ending leaves the reader begging for more.  TENTH GRADE BLEEDS is the best book in the series so far.  It is exciting to think about what the future has in store for Vlad.





Tenth Grade Bleeds
(Chronicles of Vladimir Tod)