fabulous_book_blog_awardThank you! Thank you! Thank you!  The Story Siren, you are amazing.  Thank you for nominating me for the Fabulous Award.  I feel so honored.  There are so many fabulous blogs in the young adult blogging community that there are so many others that deserve this award too.  Now I get to spread the love.

Here are the rules:

List five things you are obsessed with/addicted to and then nominate five other fabulous blogs to pass this award on to!

My Addictions (not in any particular order):      

1. Office supplies.  I love pens, pencils, post-it notes, and highlighters.  I have drawers and drawers full of office supplies.  I’m a freak.

2. Almond M&Ms.  Every time I’m in a convenience store or gas station I have to look to see if they have Almond M&Ms.  Not every place has them, so I pick them up when I find them.

3. Red Diamond Iced Tea (Unsweetened)

4. Computers.  I spend way too much time on the computer.  I can sit down, intending to simply check my email, and 2 hours later still be sitting in front of the computer.

5. A few TV shows.  The Office, 30 Rock, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Arrested Development.  I own the DVDs and my husband and I watch them all the time.  I guess you could say I love quirky comedies.  

5 1/2. Vampires.  Books, movies, and TV.  

(and just like The Story Siren, I didn’t mention books… it is probably obvious.)