Simon Pulse – February 10, 2009

Nic is a senior in high school.  She lives for hanging out with her friends, dancing with her breaking crew, and spending time with Zin.

Zin is the leader of their dance crew.  His moves are amazing and just watching him gives her chills.  Nic is deeply in love with Zin and nothing is going to change that.

Dancing allows Nic to escape from her problems.  Her family is dysfunctional.  Her brother left home and is addicted to Meth.  Her parents continue to give him money because they don’t want him living on the streets.  They refuse to cut him off and allow him to drag the family on an emotional roller coaster ride.

After being attacked on her way home from work late one night, Nic discovers a frightening secret about Zin.  Her deep feelings for him are tested.  She realizes she doesn’t know people like she thought she did.  Can she trust Zin or are his secrets too dangerous for her to stay with him?

RAVEN is a gripping story filled with lessons of friendship, love, and family.  The only detractor might be the amount of break dancing lingo used throughout the book.  For someone without any experience in break dancing, it might get a little overwhelming.  Don’t give up though.  The story is worth it.  The lingo is mostly at the beginning of the story.