David Fickling Books – June 10, 2008

Stopmouth isn’t the most respected hunter in the village, but he is the fastest.  His speed makes him a valuable member of any hunting team because every hunting team must come back with flesh.  Lives depend on it.  The consequences of a failed hunt doesn’t just mean the possibility of starvation.  In Stopmouth’s world, if there isn’t enough flesh, members of the Tribe must volunteer to sustain their neighbors.  If there aren’t enough volunteers, the Tribe leaders choose people for this “honor”.  Stopmouth lives in a brutal world.

Life becomes very complicated for Stopmouth when a beautiful woman named Indrani comes into his life.  She was piloting one of the Globes that fly through the sky when she was attacked by a fellow pilot and forced to crash in the village.  Indrani speaks a different language and is feared by most people in the Tribe.  Only Stopmouth gets to know her and attempts to communicate with her.

After a great betrayal, Stopmouth is forced to run away and leave the home he’s always known, forfeiting his membership in the Tribe.  He takes Indrani with him and together, they face many dangers on their journey to safety.

Stopmouth learns a lot about his world and finds out things aren’t what they seem at all.  He is forced to make difficult decisions that affect him, Indrani, and his entire world.

THE INFERIOR is a fascinating story.  Stopmouth is a wonderful character and it is great to see him grow throughout the story.  He goes from an insecure, young boy to a respected and skilled leader. 

There could easily be a sequel to THE INFERIOR, but at the date of this post, there hasn’t been any word of one being planned.





The Inferior