genesis 4-glasses


Houghton Mifflin Harcourt – April 20, 2009

Anax wants to become a member of The Academy.  In order to be admitted, she must endure a four hour interview in front of a three member panel.  Anax has been working with a tutor in order to prepare herself.

It is through this four hour interview that the reader learns the history of the world after a devastating plague killed most of the people on the planet.  Safe behind the Great Sea Fence, her people keep their island safe by shooting any plane or boat that comes within sight.  The society is based on rigid rules like: men and women living separately, parentage being kept from children, and at one year of age children are tested to determine what class they will be placed in based on their genomic reading (Laborers, Soldiers, Technicians, or Philosophers).

History is not what it seems. 

Anax learns more about her world during the interview than she did during all her days of preparation.  She realizes The Academy isn’t what it appears to be, but is it too late to change her current path?

GENESIS is a fast-paced story.  It is interesting to read about the post-apocalyptic world Anax lives in.  Bernard Beckett does a great job of building the story without revealing too much too soon.  The ending will leave you stunned.