This weekend I wasted entirely too much time trying to jazz up my blog.  I attempted to edit the CSS in order to add a background which as you can see worked.  However, somehow I messed up my sidebar.  Half of it goes to the bottom of the page.  I’ve checked individual posts and the sidebar length changes depending on the length of the post.  So, I searched help sites for ways to make the sidebar go all the way to the footer and didn’t find anything that worked.  For me anyway.  I’m not that experienced with coding and CSS so it is probably that I’m doing something wrong.

So, this led me to think about how much I love the looks of some of the other book blogs that I visit.  I thought that I would highlight their blogs and what it is that I love so much about them.  These blogs are listed in no particular order.

And Another Book Read

Cool header and slideshows for upcoming reviews and book currently reading.

The Ravenous Reader

Great design, great graphics, ravenous reading pile slideshow.

The Persnickety Snark

Love the amazing green layout and the columns/sidebars are organized in a very attractive manner.

3 Evil Cousins

LOVE LOVE LOVE the cool header art.  Also, the rating system is very unique.  Daggers!!!

Juiciliciousss Reviews

Beautiful layout


The links in the sidebar is very useful.  There is a little of everything there.

My Favorite Author

Love the monthly theme.  February is VAMPIRE month.  My favorite!!!


Beautiful design

Books By Their Cover

Cool design

The Book Muncher

Love the bright green design.  To be munched slideshow.

Reader Rabbit

Totally cool design

Shalonda’s Blog

Cute design and a listing of monthly release dates.

For The Love Of Books

I love the purple, black, and white color scheme.

There are so many cool blogs out there that there is no way I could list them all.  Are there any blogs that I haven’t listed here that you just love because of design or feature?  If so, comment and let me know.