February 2009


Welcome to the first ever post of “Say It Again” Saturday.  Sometimes when I’m reading a book there are lines that just jump out at me.  They make me was to laugh, cry, or just sit and think for a minute.  Sometimes the lines are just beautifully written.  They are the kind of lines that you want to stop reading, find someone close by, and read the line or passage aloud to them so they can share it with you.  

So, I’ve decided that I’m going to start trying to keep track of the wonderful lines or passages that really stop me in my tracks. I’ll post a line or two from the book I’m currently reading or something that sticks in my mind from a past book.   

**Disclaimer – I’ve looked around on the Internet trying to see if I’m copying someone else’s idea with this feature, but so far I haven’t seen anything exactly like it.  I’ve just found some blogs that contain random favorite quotes, some coming from books, but not all.

Anyhoo, feel free to participate in the “Say It Again” Saturday feature.  You can use the Mr. Linky at the bottom to link to your post.  Wordpress doesn’t allow the typical Mr. Linky you are used to seeing, but just click on it and it will take you to the form so you can fill out your information.

Enough with the introduction.  This week I’m going to take a line from the book I’m reading right now.  It is the CARBON DIARIES 2015 by Saci Llyod.


Louise drew the last gasp of death out of her smoke and walked off. (p. 82)

I just think this line is such a unique way to describe the way a person is smoking a cigarette.

I always feel like there’s a bit of normality training that I missed or slept thru or something. (p. 148)

Don’t we all feel like this sometimes?  When everyone else in the room seems to know what is going on and you are completely in the dark?  

Now it is your turn.  Pick out a line from something you’re reading or have read in the past.  Share some interesting and creative language with us.  Just be sure not to choose something that will contain spoilers.  Link your post using Mr. Linky.




Simon Pulse – February 10, 2009

Nic is a senior in high school.  She lives for hanging out with her friends, dancing with her breaking crew, and spending time with Zin.

Zin is the leader of their dance crew.  His moves are amazing and just watching him gives her chills.  Nic is deeply in love with Zin and nothing is going to change that.

Dancing allows Nic to escape from her problems.  Her family is dysfunctional.  Her brother left home and is addicted to Meth.  Her parents continue to give him money because they don’t want him living on the streets.  They refuse to cut him off and allow him to drag the family on an emotional roller coaster ride.

After being attacked on her way home from work late one night, Nic discovers a frightening secret about Zin.  Her deep feelings for him are tested.  She realizes she doesn’t know people like she thought she did.  Can she trust Zin or are his secrets too dangerous for her to stay with him?

RAVEN is a gripping story filled with lessons of friendship, love, and family.  The only detractor might be the amount of break dancing lingo used throughout the book.  For someone without any experience in break dancing, it might get a little overwhelming.  Don’t give up though.  The story is worth it.  The lingo is mostly at the beginning of the story.






alis 5-glasses

Viking Juvenile – February 19, 2009

Alis lives with her mother and father in the strict religious community of Freeborne.  She spends her days helping her mother with household chores, tending the sick, and serving The Maker.  At fourteen, she hasn’t given much thought to her future.  She just assumes that one day she will get married, have children, and become a respected Elder of the community like her mother, but Alis gets a shocking surprise.  Her parents announce she is to be married to the minister of Freeborne.  A man she has grown up fearing and respecting a man who is over double her age.

Alis immediately sets to making plans to escape her fate.  Years ago, her brother, ran away to the City.  Alis just needs to find a way to get there because it is much too far to walk.

Her journey turns out to be both dangerous and enlightening.  She meets people she never would have if she’d remained in Freeborne all her life.  Alis even meets her true-love, but in a world of strict religious rules and corrupted men, it won’t be easy to hang on to the one she loves.

Alis is so much more than a love story.  It is a story of developing you own beliefs, questioning absolute authority, and finding out what is really important in life.









HarperTeen – June 1, 2009

Amy is drowning in guilt.  She survived the car accident that took the life of her best friend Julia and she doesn’t feel she deserves to live.  Amy never should have done what she did. She never should have used alcohol as a crutch to get through her feelings of insecurity about her appearance.  She never should have made Julia get in the car that night and she definitely shouldn’t have told her to drive.

LOVE YOU HATE YOU MISS YOU is a story of healing.  Between Amy’s memories of past times with Julia and her therapy sessions since the accident, the reader gets a clear picture of what Amy is going through.

Elizabeth Scott has done it again.  She has provided readers with a realistic view of teenage dynamics while at the same time giving a heart-wrenching story about the importance of friendship and family.





Love You Hate You Miss You

calvin-waiting-on-wednesday1There are so many books that I’m waiting for.  It gets hard to keep my jealousy in check when I see other bloggers get some of the books that I’m coveting.  So, let’s just add another to the long list of books I’m dying for.  This week I’m 




by: Maggie Stiefvater


So, does anyone have it yet?  It isn’t due to be released until October 1st, 2009.

Here is the three-paragraph summary from the Livejournal group Fangs, Fur, and Fey.

Nuala is part muse, part psychic vampire. While the freedom to sing or write or create is denied her, her mark across history is unmistakable: a trail of brilliant poets, musicians, and artists who have died tragically young. She has no sympathy for their abbreviated life spans; every thirteen Halloweens she burns in a bonfire and rises from her ashes with no memories of what has come before other than the knowledge of how her end will come.

James is the best bagpiper in the state of Virginia – maybe in the country – plus he’s young and good-looking: just Nuala’s thing. But James, supremely confident in his own abilities and in love with another girl, becomes the first to ever reject Nuala’s offer. He’s preoccupied with bigger things than Nuala: an enigmatic horned figure who appears at dusk and the downward spiral of Dee, his girlfriend-who-isn’t.

It becomes obvious to James that Nuala’s presence, the horned king of the dead, and Dee’s slow self-destruction are all related, and that Dee is the center of a deadly faerie game. While James struggles to unwind the tangled threads of the story, Nuala shadows him, seeing her conflicted, dual nature reflected back at her in him. She finds herself lending him inspiration for nothing. Not quite for nothing – for the hope of requited affection. But even as James begins to realize his feelings for both Dee and Nuala have changed, the thirteenth Halloween descends, with its bonfires and rituals for the dead, one deadly to Nuala and the other to Dee. James can only save one.

Carrie Ryan is giving away copies of her book, THE FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH, over at her blog.  Just leave a comment and you are entered.  It is super easy!  You can get an extra entry if you blog about it to help spread the word.  Believe me, it is worth the effort.  This is a wonderful book.


For those that aren’t lucky enough to win, don’t fret.  The book will officially be released in two weeks.

genesis 4-glasses


Houghton Mifflin Harcourt – April 20, 2009

Anax wants to become a member of The Academy.  In order to be admitted, she must endure a four hour interview in front of a three member panel.  Anax has been working with a tutor in order to prepare herself.

It is through this four hour interview that the reader learns the history of the world after a devastating plague killed most of the people on the planet.  Safe behind the Great Sea Fence, her people keep their island safe by shooting any plane or boat that comes within sight.  The society is based on rigid rules like: men and women living separately, parentage being kept from children, and at one year of age children are tested to determine what class they will be placed in based on their genomic reading (Laborers, Soldiers, Technicians, or Philosophers).

History is not what it seems. 

Anax learns more about her world during the interview than she did during all her days of preparation.  She realizes The Academy isn’t what it appears to be, but is it too late to change her current path?

GENESIS is a fast-paced story.  It is interesting to read about the post-apocalyptic world Anax lives in.  Bernard Beckett does a great job of building the story without revealing too much too soon.  The ending will leave you stunned.






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