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Viking – April 16, 2009

Anke lives in a house full of fear.  Fear of her father.  His temper can flair at any moment and everyone around him suffers.   Anke’s brother and sister take the physical abuse and Anke is, for the most part, ignored in the house.  Anke feels she has no choice but to sit back and witness what is going on around her.  Sometimes she even feels jealous of the attention her brother and sister get, no matter how horrible the attention is.

Anke has one bright spot in her day – volleyball.  Against her father’s wishes, she tries out and makes the team.  Volleyball gives Anke confidence and a small circle of friends. 

At the beginning of the school year, Anke develops a crush on Kyler, a tall, blonde soccer player.  She tries to be where he is during the school day and hopes to attract his attention.  She also has a confusing relationship with Jed, a boy who lives across the street.  Between her family’s dynamics, volleyball, school, and boys, Anke has a lot on her mind.  Will she ever get the courage to say something about the abuse at home? 

BECAUSE I AM FURNITURE is written in verse.  It doesn’t take long to read and although the subject matter is very serious, the point of view is coming from an onlooking Anke so it isn’t graphic.  The ending wraps up a little too quickly and there is a loose end that will leave you wondering about one of her relationships.





Because I am Furniture