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Are you a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer?  If so, you’ll enjoy YOU ARE SO UNDEAD TO ME by Stacey Jay.  The similarities begin with the cover of the book.

Megan Berry is a Zombie Settler.  When people die, but have left something undone, they come see Megan.  She is completely out of practice though because her Settling powers have been dormant for five years.  When Megan was ten-years-old, she had a terrifying experience.  She was attacked by zombies and left with several serious wounds.  Five years later, she is still plagued by nightmares of that horrible night.

Now, just when she thought she was free of her Settling duties forever, the zombies have started appearing at her door again.  This alone would be bad enough, but someone is reanimating corpses and sending them after her.  Megan is sure it is because of Homecoming.  Someone doesn’t want her going with Josh, the big man on campus, and they are resorting to Black Magic to make sure that she doesn’t.

Thankfully, Megan has a little help.  Ethan, a friend from the past and fellow Settler, shows up to give her a little direction.  He tutors her to use her powers to give peace to the zombies and send them back to their graves safely and without the civilian population seeing them.  Megan enjoys her time with Ethan and begins to develop feelings for him, but there are two problems: 1) Monica, another Settler and senior at Megan’s high school that seems to be putting the moves on Ethan, and 2) the fact that Ethan treats her like a younger sister instead of a romantic interest.

Stacey Jay has written a fun zombie novel that will quench the thirst of any die hard Buffy fans.  Like Buffy, Megan suffers from nightmares from previous experiences and doesn’t want the responsibility that has been thrust upon her.  Megan can’t just decide not to be a Settler, like Buffy couldn’t give up being a slayer.  Megan finds it difficult to have a normal relationship with Josh since zombies tend to show up where ever she is, thus making it difficult to keep her “calling” a secret just like Buffy never had a successful relationship with anyone that didn’t know about her slaying.  All in all, YOU ARE SO UNDEAD TO ME is a great choice for anyone who enjoys stories with paranormal activity mixed with a little humor and romance.