Kelley Winslow is seventeen and living every young person’s dream.  She is living on her own in New York City pursuing her passion.  Kelley dreams of being an actress and Broadway is her goal, but until she can get there, she will settle for anything she can get.  Even if it means working as a stage hand while also acting as Understudy to the main role in a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare.

In Central Park, where Kelley likes to spend some of her free time, there is a world hidden to the human eye.  It is the location of the Samhain Gate which is set to swing open on Samhain when the Fae will fight their way across into the human world to cause havoc.  King Auberon, Winter King and Lord of the Unseelie Court, has placed the responsibility of keeping the gate secure on thirteen guards referred to as the Janus.  Sonny Flannery is the newest member of the guard detail and excited about his first Samhain.

When Kelley and Sonny meet, their lives change forever.  Kelley finds out there is more to her ordinary life than she thought and Sonny realizes he’ll do anything to protect her from the dangerous forces around her.  As they spend more time together, their feelings for each other grow.  Will Sonny and Kelley be able to navigate the treacherous world of the Fae? 

WONDROUS STRANGE is a delightful story.  Lesley Livingston has created a cast full of wonderful characters and blended the realistic with the fantastic in a seamless way.  The romance between Sonny and Kelley is palpable and the ending will leave you begging for a sequel so you can enter their world again.