Are you tired of the typical vampire novel?  Are you sick of vampires with super speed, super looks, and super strength?  Well, this might be the book for you.  THE REFORMED VAMPIRE SUPPORT GROUP by Catherine Jinks is like no other vampire novel I’ve ever read.

Nina Harrison has been a vampire since 1973 when she was fifteen years old.  She lives at home with her mother and earns a living by writing novels about a powerful vampire named Zadia Bloodstone.  Every Tuesday night she joins several other vampires for a support group run by Father Ramon at St. Agatha’s church hall.  As a group, they have made the decision not to drink human blood.

The boring routine of their isolated lives completely change when Casimir doesn’t answer his door when it is time to go to their weekly meeting.  Upon entering Casimir’s apartment, Nina and her friends find nothing but a pile of ashes in his coffin and they realize there is a slayer on the loose. 

While searching for clues as to who the slayer could be, Nina finds herself in many dangerous and exciting situations.  She travels farther from home than ever and attempts to save a werewolf being used in an illegal fighting ring.  Nina does things she never thought was possible.  Things she has written only for her character, Zadia Bloodstone.

THE REFORMED VAMPIRE SUPPORT GROUP is definitely unique.  Some issues that take away from the story are: 1) things work out a little to easily for the group, 2) the romance that is eluded to in the description takes too long to surface, and 3) the reasons for the physical problems the vampires suffer from aren’t explained very well.  For example, why do they throw up so much?  Why do their eyes hemorrhage when they get too much light?  On the flip side, there are several things that are very humorous about the book.  The fact that their only source of blood is guinea pigs is hilarious. 

THE REFORMED VAMPIRE SUPPORT GROUP will be coming out in April 2009.