vladVlad just wants to live a normal life, but it is pretty hard when you are half vampire and have to include blood in your daily diet.  Thankfully, Vlad has two caring people in his life that know about his special circumstance.  Aunt Nelly, his guardian since his parents were killed in a fire, and his best friend, Henry, who he accidently bit when they were eight-years-old are the only two people that know his secret – and Vlad wants to keep it that way.

With the disappearance of one of his favorite teachers, Vlad’s secret gets a little harder to keep.   A strange substitute starts paying a little too much attention to Vlad and asking strange questions.  To top things off, his English assignment is to write a report about vampires.  How is he going to keep his secret when he has to give a speech in front of his class about his abilities.

When Vlad finds out that a hunter is out to kill him for being half human he feels more alone than ever.  He doesn’t want to put the lives of Aunt Nelly or Henry in danger so he decides to confront hunter and either kill or be killed.

EIGHTH GRADE BITES is a wonderful beginning to a series.  Heather Brewer has added some humor to the vampire genre.  Vlad is a lovable character.  His relationship with his Aunt Nelly is heartwarming.  The way she takes such good care of him is so sweet.  She makes sure he has plenty of blood in the house and makes him snack packs (partly frozen blood in small plastic containers). She also injects blood into his snack cakes for dessert.  He just has to make sure no one takes his lunch at school.  

If you enjoy EIGHTH GRADE BITES, be sure to pick up the sequel, NINTH GRADE SLAYS.  This promises to be an exciting series.