lamentDeirdre Monaghan is a gifted harpist with a consistent case of stage fright.  She knows, without a doubt, that sometime before a performance she’ll need to vomit.  We meet Dee on her way to a music competition and she is exactly like she always is – a jumble of nerves.  As soon as she gets checked in, she has to run to the restroom to throw up.  Unexpectedly, a cool hand falls on the back of her neck, comforting her during her routine.

Luke Dillon is a saving grace.  After calming her down after her upset stomach, he takes Dee’s mind off the important competition by practicing with her.  Luke’s skilled flute playing compliments Dee’s harp beautifully and it doesn’t take long to decide to amend Dee’s competition entry from solo to duet.  For this moment on, their lives are intertwined.  

Dee feels a strong attraction toward Luke.  At the same time she is getting used to her feelings for Luke, other strange things are happening to her.  The most obvious thing that is going on is the fact that four-leaf clovers are popping up all around her.  She sees them everywhere.

Dee begins to think things aren’t quite right.  She doesn’t know if she can really trust Luke even though she desperately wants to. Luke seems to be hiding something, but Dee can’t quite put her finger on what.  There is no way Dee could know that the world Luke is involved in is one that Dee doesn’t even know exists. You see, Dee’s musical talent has attracted the attention of the Faerie Queen and Luke is her gallowglass, her soulless assassin.

Maggie Stiefvater has written an interesting tale where the magical world of faeries and the commonplace human world meet. A great love story is the bridge between the two worlds.  The sequel BALLAD will be released Fall 2009.