Vlad is about to start his first year of high school.  Things are pretty much the same as they’ve always been though.  He still has to keep the fact that he is a vampire a secret, he is still too afraid to talk to the girl he likes, and the same bullies that have been bothering him since junior high are picking up right where they left off.

Starting high school is stressful enough, but more troubles are on the way. Someone from the school newspaper is following him around trying to get a story and, word has it, there is a vampire slayer in town looking for him.   

Vlad struggles with some of his vampire abilities.  He has to learn how to use his mind reading skills, which requires a trip to Siberia and the chance to meet others from the vampire community.  Getting to know the people who were friends with his father is a wonderful experience.  He enjoys his time in Siberia and hates it when it is time to go home.

Once back, Vlad must face the vampire slayer and another old enemy in order to make sure his loved ones are safe.  At the rate things are going, Vlad doesn’t know if he’s going to make it to tenth grade.

Heather Brewer has written a wonderful sequel to EIGHTH GRADE BITES.  You’ll want to be sure to check out TENTH GRADE BLEEDS as soon as it comes out.