Welcome back to a world where some teenagers rise up from the dead and walk among us.  A world were science still hasn’t figured out why some teens come back and some remain dead. Not everyone is happy these “zombies” are walking around.  That these differently biotic teens are going to school and mixing with the living.  It is a dangerous world for the living impaired.

At the end of the first novel in this series, GENERATION DEAD, Adam took a bullet for Phoebe.  Adam loved Phoebe from afar, but stepped aside when she showed an interest in Tommy, a differently biotic boy.  Adam didn’t give a second thought to giving his life to protect Phoebe and he didn’t think about coming back from the dead.

Since Adam has been back, Phoebe spends all the time she can with him. She knows he wouldn’t be in the situation he is in if it weren’t for her.  She feels confused though.  She can’t decide if she loves Tommy or Adam.  She doesn’t know if Tommy’s feelings for her are genuine or if he just wants to be with her because she is living and he wants to make a statement.

There isn’t time for her to focus on her own problems though.  Trouble is brewing with Pete all over again, Reverend Nathan Mather is continuing to gather followers and making life difficult for all the differently biotic, and politicians are considering laws to take away what little freedom they have.  Times are changing and it isn’t for the better.

KISS OF LIFE is a great follow up to GENERATION DEAD.  Daniel Waters does a great job of showing us a differently biotic’s thought process through Adam’s character. We get to witness Adam’s improvement through chapters from his point of view. Readers will sympathize with Adam and come to love him even if they didn’t before. A few new characters are introduced – some of them will pull at your heart strings while the others will make your skin crawl. The way this book ends, readers will be clamoring for the third in this series.

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