needZara hasn’t been herself lately and people are starting to get worried about her.  Since the death of her step-father, Zara has fallen deeper and deeper into a pit of despair.  Her mother decides to send her to live with her grandmother in Maine in the hopes that a change of scenery might perk her up a bit.  Zara doesn’t realize that other, more sinister, reasons are behind the move as well.

Zara begins school the day after she arrives in Maine.  Her grandmother feels that getting Zara in a normal routine is the best way to combat her depression.  Once there, she meets the normal characters usual found in a high school.  There is the Queen Bee, Megan, the quirky new best friend, Issy, and the hunks battling for Zara’s attention, Nick and Ian.

Zara attempts to move on with her life, but being back in the town her step-father grew up just reminds her of how much she misses him.  It also doesn’t help that a strange man keeps lurking around her.  Who is this man and does he mean her harm?  Who can she trust in this town full of strange people?  Which boy should she rely on to tell her the truth – Nick or Ian?

Carrie Jones has written a touching and emotional novel that contains many elements of a great fantasy novel.  The suspense is palpable when Zara struggles to make sense of the odd events in her life.  Readers will come to love many of the characters and will definately want to know more about them by the end of the novel.