Rue is trying not to worry.  Her mother has disappeared after a terrible fight with her father.  Right after her mother disappears her father is arrested and accused of murdering one of the students he teaches at the University.  Rue knows her father didn’t do anything wrong, but doesn’t know how to prove it.  To add to her stress, Rue starts seeing things.  Things that shouldn’t be possible in the real world.  Things with wings.  Things that look like faeries.

While Rue’s father is in jail she is taken to meet the grandfather she’s never met – her mother’s father.  She finds out that her grandfather is one of the fey and what he has planned for the world is a danger to all mankind.  Rue is the only one who can stop him.

When Rue’s mother makes a reappearance, she is extremely ill. Rue picks up some clues as to why her mother disappeared in the first place and puts others information together on her own.

In between looking for clues to the real story behind the girl her father is accused of killing, finding out about her mother, and coming to terms with her heritage, Rue is trying to maintain her life at school and with her friends.

THE GOOD NEIGHBORS is the first volume in the KIN series.  Holly Black wraps up this volume nicely while still leaving readers begging for more.  Fans of Black’s novels Tithe, Valiant, and Ironside will enjoy seeing the faeries come alive on the page of the graphic novel.  Be looking for sequels sometime in the future.