Daisy Giordano is back for another installment of Nightshade, CA wierdness.  This time, a beloved teacher has been murdered and it looks like a werewolf is to blame.  To top off everything else, a new and handsome student named Duke Sherrad moves into town proclaiming to be a fortune teller descended from Gypsies.  Daisy doesn’t believe he is authentic and hopes to prove he is a fraud.  She suspects he is connected to the teacher’s death in some way and works with her sisters to solve the case.

Daisy’s relationship with Ryan is put to the test and Poppy finds love in a very strange place. All of this takes place while Daisy is in charge of planning the Prom’s After Party. DEAD IS A STATE OF MIND is just as enjoyable as the first book in the series, DEAD IS THE NEW BLACK.  While you will probably enjoy this story if you were to pick it up first, it would be better if you had the back story from the first book.  Look for the third in the series, DEAD IS SO LAST YEAR, to be published sometime in 2009.