Claire can always tell when an electrical storm is brewing.  Her body is tuned in to the lightning.  Ever since she hit her teens, lightning has caused her to switch bodies with people.  She doesn’t keep the bodies long and she always gives them back.  Until one night.

Claire is an average girl.  She is a star swimmer, has a best friend, and dreams of having the perfect guy notice her.  Unfortunately, Nate thinks of her as a sister, but everything changes for her when she makes a switch with a new girl, Larissa, who is working as a nanny for a family staying on the beach for the summer.  

In the blink of an eye she is blond and gorgeous with a closet full of clothes. She feels like a Barbie doll and enjoys trying on clothes that she knows would never look right on her “real” body.  Another perk to the switch is Nate.  He notices Larissa and through Larissa’s body she experiences the beginnings of a relationship with the boy of her dreams.

There are problems though.  Swim tryouts are looming on the horizon and if she doesn’t get back into her own body she won’t make the team, her best friend is feeling completely left out, and she is missing her mother.  Claire has to figure out why she isn’t switching back automatically like she normally does and get back to her real life before it is too late.

SWITCH by Carol Snow is an interesting story with kind of a Prince and the Pauper feel.  Claire gets the opportunity to feel what it is like living the life of someone she considers to have it better than her.  She has the chance to find out if the grass really is greener on the other side.  For a fast-paced story read SWITCH.