In the nation of Panem, formerly known as North America, the Capitol rules the twelve outlying districts harshly.  Because of a past uprising, the Capitol requires each district to send one boy and one girl between the ages of twelve and eighteen to participate in the annual Hunger Games – a fight to the death broadcasted on live TV.

When Katniss hears her twelve-year-old sister’s name called to serve for their district in the Games, she doesn’t hesitate to volunteer herself to go in her place.  Katniss resolves herself to the idea that she will never see her family again.

Once Katniss is transported to the Capitol with the male counterpart from her district, she is put through several days of rigorous training before being thrown into the unknown landscape of the competition.

The HUNGER GAMES is a mix between The Lottery, The Most Dangerous Game, and Stephen King’s The Running Man.  Heartpounding action runs throughout the entire book.  You’ll be holding on to the edge of your seat until you find out who survives this barbaric form of governmental control.