Hannah has just moved with her father to a new town AGAIN. She can’t understand how her father doesn’t understand that he can’t run from his problems.  Once she gets settled someplace they seem to get into a financial situation that her father would run away from rather than solve.  It never seems to work.  Her father promises that Maplecrest is going to be different.  Boy was her ever right – just not in the way he meant.

Hannah is used to being the new girl in school.  She has made picking out the rulers of the school an art form.  At Maplecrest, they are the Cheerleaders and the Cheerleaders are led by Maggie Turner – with her pale skin, glowing blonde hair, and brilliant blue eyes, Hannah can see why she attracts so much attention.  


Lukas approaches Hannah at lunch on her first day.  He comes to warn her.  He doesn’t want her to get pulled into the popular crowd.  The popular crowd, he warns her, are flesh eating zombies that are slowly killing off the people in town.  Hannah’s mind immediately flashes to all the For Sale signs she saw in the yards of the homes her and her father passed on their way into town but zombies?  There was no way she was going to believe that.  She could clearly see by the comic books Lukas carried with him that he was letting his imagination get carried away.  While glad to have a friend at school, she didn’t like him talking about zombies and quickly put it out of her mind as crazy talk.


When the Cheerleaders approach Hannah she is both excited and nervous.  Can she make the cut and win a spot on the squad? What will she have to do to be accepted by the girls?


Brian James has written an exciting horror novel set in an everyday teen setting – high school.  What could be more horrifying?