The Review for ZOMBIE BLONDES will be coming soon, but until then I’ll post this.  I’m in a Creative Composition class for the first two weeks of July and I’m going to try and focus on using the visual arts in conjunction with young adult literature.  So, this evening I tried to create an art piece that conveyed the feeling of the book.

I scanned one page of the book with some important text on it.  I chose dark colors and covered some of the key words and painted over the whole thing.  After everything was painted, I splattered some read paint on top.  After all the paint was on I peeled up the Post-it cover-up tape to reveal the key words.  The uncovered words provide a Found Poem from the text.  Here is the poem just in case the picture is too small to read them.

warn you
nobody talks about it
lucky me

Check out my previous post asking for suggestions for other visual arts activities to use with young adult literature.  If you have a specific title to go with an activity that would be great too!