Well, I’ve started a two week Creative Composition class.  It is commonly referred to as “Paint/Write” around campus.  We meet everyday from 8:00 – 12:45.  The time really does go by quickly because I’m painting the whole time.  Sometimes we write about what we’ve painted.  Sometimes we write about something we see in someone else’s painting.  Eventually, we’ll work on paintings as a group.  We have to put together a portfolio of our paintings and writings at the end of the class and contribute some pieces to a class anthology. 

We have a big project due in August.  I can either analyze the three texts from the class in a 10 page paper, or propose something else that would be more useful to me.  I’m definately going to propose my own idea.  The question is…what??  My first thought is to incorporate Young Adult Literature into my plan since I can definately incorporate the activities in the library next year.  So, I ask you:  What should I propose?  I was thinking something like, I’ll choose 10 Young Adult Novels and write visual arts activities to go along with each book.  What do you think?  I’m thinking visual arts could include, photographs, painting, and sculpting.  Any idea??? Comment me.  I need to have my proposal turned in on Thursday morning.

Check out a few of the paintings I’ve done in the class so far.