Hosted by  Vasily, we are to find a favorite quote from a book we’ve read.  One of my favorite book is FREAK SHOW by James St. JAMES.  So here is my favorite quote.  It is when Billy Bloom, a gender obscurist, is getting ready for the first day at a new school.  He doesn’t want to come on too strong so he plans his first day outfit very carefully.

Don’t worry.
It’s totally masculine.
Swarthy, even.
Nobody will suspect a thing.
I’m going with the whole retro-now wave/Vivienne Westwood/pirate look.  Fab, right?  What’s straighter than a pirate?  Ruffled lace shirt, unbuttoned down to THERE.  High-waisted blue pants, practically sprayed on.  Nothing gay about that right? Only redneck and Eurotrash dare to wear pants that tights and vulgar.
A thrift story military jacket in Prussian blue, a crimson sash, some rags tied in my hair…
Then what?  Pearls?
Eye patch?
Cap’n Crunch hat?
Trusty sword?
Gold teeth?

No, no, no.  It’s all too much.  Well, maybe one gold tooth……..”

And on it goes from there… this is an absolutely fabulous book.  Check it out.