Wuthering High

Miranda Tate is heading back to Bard Academy after at a brutal summer working for her step-mother at her boutique, In The Pink, which sells everything imaginable that is pink.  Miranda refers to it as In The Puke and spends most of her time there sitting at the cash register completing her required summer reading of Moby Dick.  Miranda is excited about returning to school until she finds out that her sister, Lindsay, is going to be joining her there after running their father’s new Land Rover through the front of In The Pink.

Once on campus, Miranda reunites with her friends Blade, Samir, Hana, and of course Heathcliff.  She is disgusted to see that Lindsay, who is desperate for the approval of anyone popular, has fallen into the clutches of Parker, Bard’s Queen Bee.  Miranda also meets her new dorm monitor, Mrs. P, who happens to be Sylvia Plath and gets off on the wrong foot right away.

Miranda also has to deal with her feelings for Ryan – the boy that broke up with her at the end of the previous school year.  She can’t decide if she still has feelings for him or not, but feels jealous when he continually gives Parker attention and begins to hang around Lindsay.  Mirandra knows she loves Heathcliff but has to keep in mind the rule the school places on them.  They aren’t supposed to have any romantic or physical contact or Bard will send him back to Wuthering Heights.

When Lindsay disappears, like a couple of the other Bard students, Miranda, Samir, Hana, Blade, Heathcliff, Ryan, and Parker all end up entering the forbidden forest to find her.  What they find are pirates roaming the island, one of the faculty members behind all the trouble, and Lindsay causing part of the problems. 

Can Miranda and her crew save the world again and put everything back into balance?  Who does Miranda choose, Ryan or Heathcliff?  To see how Moby Dick plays a part in this Bard Academy novel read MOBY CLIQUE by Cara Lockwood.  While it can be read as a stand alone novel since the author gives background information to catch up the reader, it will be more enjoyable if the other two novels in the series are read first.