Clary Fray lived a normal life.  At least she did until she witnessed a murder at a dance club while out with her best friend Simon.  What she couldn’t understand is why the victim disappeared in front of her eyes.  You see, she wasn’t supposed to see it in the first place.  Not because there weren’t supposed to be witnesses to the murder, but because the murder victim was a demon and the ones who killed the demon were Shadowhunters.

Shadowhunters are warriors dedicated to ridding the earth of demons and Jace is one of the best there is.  When Jace realized Clary could see everything, he knew she must have some Shadowhunter blood in her and wants to take her back to the Institute where Shadowhunters train and live.  Before Jace can convince Clary to come with him, she gets a frantic phone call from her mother talking of danger.  Clary can tell that her mother is attacked because the phone line goes dead in the middle of their conversation.  Without thinking about the possible danger to herself or what she might find when she gets there, Clary abandons Jace and heads for home as fast as she can.  There she meets a creature worse that anything she could have imagined.  She manages to kill monster, but is injured in the process.  Thankfully, Jace followed her home and was able to help her back to the Institute where she could recover. 


Once she enters the world of the Shadowhunters everything in her life changes.  Her relationship with Simon is drastically changed, she discovers the true identity of her father, and she learns what betrayal really means.  On her quest to find her mother, Clary and Jace form a strong bond.  Together they fight vampires, werewolves, and other creatures from strange demon dimensions. 

CITY OF BONES is filled with action and humor.  Jace’s character is lovable and causes you to laugh all through the book.  If you are a fan of fantasy you will definitely love this book and be chomping at the bit until the next one comes out in 2008.  The sequel is called CITY OF ASHES.