Ellen Schreiber has jumped into the realm of graphic novels.  Her popular Vampire Kisses series has been picked up by Tokyo Pop and has transferred really well. 

Raven and Alexander continue their nighttime romance in their usual haunt, A.K.A the cemetery, and make the most of their time together.  At the beginning of Blood Relatives they notice something strange while they are out on their date.  Four empty graves are discovered and clues lead Alexander to believe that his cousin, Claude, has come to Dullsville.  The only question is for what reason.

Raven comes into dangerous contact with Claude and his three followers at school.  Claude turns out to be a half vampire which allows him to go out in the daylight.  Raven can’t think of anything worse than them running free during the day when Alexander is stuck inside until the evening.

It turns out Claude is after some blood vials that he thinks is inside the house Alexander is living in.  He decides to use Raven in order to get what he wants.   Blood Relatives ends with Claude telling Raven that she is going to help him get what he wants, even if it means betraying Alexander.

My only complaint with Vampire Kisses: Blood Relatives is that it is too short.  It really leaves you hanging at the end.  I’ll be anxiously awaiting the next volume.