Claire’s life isn’t getting any easier since the last time we saw her in DEAD GIRLS’ DANCE.  Everyone should be safe now that she has signed a contract with Amelie.  Shane, Eve, and Michael should be protected and Claire should be able to rest easy, except for the fact that she has to keep her contract a secret, because her housemates would freak if they knew.  There is already enough tension in the house since Shane can’t forgive Michael for becoming a vampire.  Claire doesn’t want to add to the turmoil already in the house, but can’t avoid it when Amelie finally contacts her with her assignment and sends her a bracelet to wear for proof of protection.

Amelie wants Claire to become the apprentice to Myrnin, the vampire with the knowledge of the portals that are used throughout the town.  At first, Claire doesn’t know why she is being asked to learn, but eventually realizes Amelie’s motives aren’t simply to pass on the knowledge of the vampires because Myrnin is getting old and senile, but because Amelie wants Claire to assist Myrnin in finding a solution to a bigger and more deadly problem the vampires are facing in Morganville.
Dead girls are turning up around Morganville as well and vampires aren’t the cause.  It so happens that Eve’s brother, Jason, is out of jail and skulking around so everyone assumes he is behind the murders, but the police can’t find any evidence to link him to the crimes.  Everyone is on edge because he is threatening to harm Eve and he’ll hurt anyone that gets in his way.  Claire and Shane are injured in different confrontations with Jason which leaves Claire in a deadly situation and Shane fighting for his life.

If you’ve enjoyed the other books in the Morganville Vampire series, you’ll love MIDNIGHT ALLEY.  Rachel Caine uses her skills as a writer to take you on a wild ride that you’ll hate to see end.  You’ll feel like you have been transported into the story with the characters.  MIDNIGHT ALLEY has a cliffhanger ending like the other books in the series and leaves you begging for the next story.  It is clear that Claire’s life isn’t going to get easier any time soon.