WOW!!!  I loved this book.  I’m an only child and as a kid I used to play alone a lot.  One of the games I used to play was “Survival.”  I would pretend my bed was a life raft and that I was drifting out to sea.  I would pile all my worldly possessions on the bed like my stuffed animals, my magazines, my favorite books, records, etc…  Anyway, I don’t know why this was a game I’d play but…

So, of course, I love survival fiction, apocolyptic fiction, natural disasters, calamities, etc…..

Life As We Knew It is about life on Earth after an asteroid hits the moon and knocks it out of its orbit.  The moon comes closer to Earth and it causes huge tidal waves, earthquakes, floods, and other weather problems.  Climate drastically changes and people are stuck without electricity and food.  Survival becomes extremely difficult.  This story is written in journal form from the point of view of the main character, Miranda.  I definately recommend this book.

I’ve listened to the audio books of the Left Behind series, I’ve read most of the books in the Countdown series so what I want to hear from all of you is what are some great books in this category that you know about?