Maximum Ride #3: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports (Maximum Ride)

4 Stars

Max and the flock are back.  While she continues to keep the flock safe, she also has to figure out how she is supposed to save the world.  The evil plan is days away from unfolding.  Half of the people in the world are going to be killed in order to give the worthy ones that remain a chance to thrive.  The human race has done such a poor job of taking care of the planet that the Itex Corporation decided only the people with something to offer deserve the right to live in it.

Another problem the flock is dealing with is the creation of an updated version of Erasers.  Now made of metal and covered with a layer of skin, learning how to take them out takes a little time – especially since these “Flyboys” come equipped with guns!

Relationships are strained within the flock in this latest installment of the Maximum Rides saga.  Fang continues to update his blog and attempt to enlist children from around the world to become involved with the fight against Itex and all its subsidiaries.  Max doesn’t have faith that kids can help, which of course, causes friction between them and ultimately leads to a split in the group.

The reader is tugged along on a roller coaster ride adventure with Max’s constant sarcastic commentary to guide them.  We see familiar faces as well as meet brand new players in this deadly game.  Max manages to thwart disaster, reconcile the flock, and discover the identity of her parents.  James Patterson does a nice job of tying up loose ends and leaves the story with a satisfying ending.  If there isn’t a fourth installment, fans will be happy with the way Max and the rest of the flock land on their feet.