Jason Freeman and his family just moved to California from Michigan because his father got a new job. They now live in a very elite neighborhood filled with the priviledged of Malibu.  Everyone seems to accept Jason immediately and his transition to California takes no time at all.  In Bloodlust, Jason and his friend Adam uncover some stange goings on at the weekend parties.  On top of the strange effects of the parties, some people are turning up dead, drained of all their blood.  Jason has to accept the fact that vampires live and basically rule Malibu.  But, which one is killing everybody? On top of the murder mystery, Jason is dealing with his strong attraction to Sierra.  Sierra is also a vampire, but the girlfriend of Brad, one of his new friends on the swim team.  Jason feels guilty for having feelings for someone else’s girlfriend, but can’t stop himself from wanting to be around her. Book Cover In Vampire Beach: Initiation (#2 in the series), Jason continues along with his high school life as though he doesn’t attend with vampires.  The thought doesn’t really bother him since he knows they aren’t evil or anything.  He is surprised by a totally unexpected visit from a friend from back home, Tyler.  Tyler seems to be in a little trouble and basically brings the trouble to Malibu with him.  This book revolves around Jason trying to help Tyler get out of trouble as well as explaining a little more about the vampire world.  We get to see the “Council” or governing body that regulates the vampire population. The thread that continues from Bloodlust into this book is the tense relationship between Jason and Sierra.  As a reader you REALLY want them to get together, but the author leaves us hanging again. Initiation cover Now, these books aren’t necessarily quality literature, BUT….they are fun.  They are also fast reads which will make them popular with teens.  There is some drinking and “make out” sitiuations so these wouldn’t be appropriate for younger teens.  8th grade and up would be my suggestion. The third book in the series is titled Vampire Beach: Ritual and the fourth, which will be released in June 2007 is Vampire Beach: Legacy.